American Woman

I thought I’d share a poem I wrote around 2007 when the kids were still little.

American Woman

she’s an average American woman

full of questions, dualities, confusion

says and thinks she don’t know what’s wrong or right,

but in her heart she knows the truth from the lies

she’s a mother and her kids so love her

but she no longer has time to be a good lover

marked and saggin’ from bearin’ and raisin’

she knows her body’s no longer worth cravin’

the girls on tv are fake, an illusion

it’s so wrong to need that to feel like a woman

she wants to get back what she lost with her youth

but how would she feel if her body weren’t truth?

she knows earth will die from so much pollution

can’t afford “green” so she lives in delusion

she wants to help the worlds hunger and strife

instead her family’s fed at Wal-Marts low price

she knows it’s wrong to add to the landfills

but what can she do with all the diapers and spills?

resycaling’s expensive, laundry takes time

it’s all an excuse, she knows she’s committing crime

“This world is so screwed!” she cries in her heart

can she teach herself and kids to make a new start?

she feels way to weak, too tired, and too dumb

so she goes about her brainwashed life feeling numb


2 thoughts on “American Woman

  1. I’m not a Mom, but I remember that American exhaustion. Sadly, that is also being exported overseas.

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