Love Songs

So many love songs.

I hear them line by loving line.

from across the whole world they are keeping time.

Why can’t just one be mine?

Oh God I’m running out of time!

I sound so bitter, but I promise I’m sweet

Only scared I won’t be pretty

by the time we meet.

I don’t need money nor do I need fame.

I just want someone to feel butterflies

at the sound of my name.

I live with someone,

but I’m all alone.

Begging for a love song,

but his heart is stone.

He’d have me believe that all men are this way,

that I don’t deserve one anyway.

But I know that’s not true!

I hear them singing! I DO!

Men know how to love, I just know they do!

Why doesn’t mine? What did I do?

I just want a love song.

One that’s true.


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