I talk to the trees

I go outside to smoke. It’s the only time I can be alone. And yet…I take my phone. Facebook and Instagram. Someone pay attention to me!!!!
And then the wind blew and I heard the trees. They were speaking to me!
I looked at them all, in their neat little rows. They grow where they are planted by us, you and me. Right where we want them to be. Dependent on us for water, for life, for us to see. 
Anyone who knows me knows I love trees. But I haven’t paid much attention to these.
They said to me, “We are not free.”
“No we are not. Not free you and me, my little trees.”
“You should be free, as free as I should be.” I said to my trees.
“You should never have been planted there, dependent on me. You should be free. Like I should be.”
“But you have legs!” They said to me.
“I know.” I said. “But I’m still not free, like I should be.”
“Someday I shall escape with my legs and go live where the free trees be.”
“What will happen to us when you go where the free trees be?” Asked one sweet little tree.
“Some poor soul who doesn’t yet know they have legs will come live here like me.”
“They will give you water, but, my sad little tree, you will never be free.”
“I’m so, so sorry.” 



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