Hi! I’m Jeanette, A.K.A. JETTE. I make art, well, I try to. I create whenever I can between working at a “real” job and spending time with my family. We are in a weird spot right now. I’ve been the breadwinner for the past six years. I got a job as an apprentice jeweler in 2008 and steady moved up in the little company till I was doing almost all of the jeweling and making a pretty good chunk of money to support the family. My husband, (There’s the handsome devil.)


is in school getting two degrees, one in general studies and one in renewable energy. He’s also a youth sports official and goes the extra mile every single day to make sure me, the kids, (look at the little heathens…uh, I mean angels)


and the house are taken care of. The problem is, I lost my job when the boss man retired. It’s a good thing. I loved that job and the boss did a lot for me, but I was so tired. I needed the change desperately, but now money is tight. The hubs is still about six months away from graduating and I can’t ask him to stop to get a full time job now. So I’m in between jobs and wondering where I’m going to end up, where the money will come from. My faith is strong and I have lots of directions I can go, lots of interviews, at least two jobs fully landed, but only one direction I really want to go in, of course, the one it’s hardest to actually make a living at, and that is art. I want to make art all day every day in whatever from strikes me or my clients!

So here I am! I would love it if you would follow our journey here and see how it manifests in my work. Please browse through my pictures, leave comments, and please feel free to contact me if there is anything I can create for you! Portraits of your loved ones, a subject you are passionate about, or a beautiful mural in your home are all options as well as “Canvas and Wine” type parties in your home or at a venue and face painting for parties or events. I’m versatile and I love doing it all!

❤ Jeanette



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