Turn photos of loved ones into custom portraits. We can keep it simple and go straight from the photo you provide, or we can alter it, taking elements from other photos or from our imaginations. We can even stylize the rendering into abstract or classical art! The possibilities are endless! See Orders and Pricing page and contact me for details.

Angel Baby Gramma Betty Grampa Dan Kat Megan Pretty Birds Siblings The Millers Unlikely Friends


7 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. Elbet hubbard once stated “As we grow better we meet better people ” .I´m so happy I ran across your blog on in the internet highway . You are so talented your work speak for itself *smiles . One day I when I saved up a millon bucks I will order a portrait from you ❤


      • I hear you ❤ .My biggest achievement in life besides my kids was to crawl up from the dark hole I was in ..I got to a point where I thought I ever was gon´find my groove again .. but sometimes life take turns ..and for me when I decided to return to africa after 37 years and re unite with my family and confront all my fears and hidden pain I transformed into the new me .. I Became the LiberianME … One problem with the world is that most people listen to reply not to understand .. I try to put myself into the second category


      • Where did you live till you went back? Europe? Here in the US? You write in English way too well to have been anywhere else 🙂 But then, you may just be that smart!

        … Africa… You know, I always wanted to travel, especially to Scotland, then Africa, and now my girls want so badly to go to South Korea. I feel I’m disappointing them and the girl I was who dreamed of so much freedom. Money. It always comes down to that and it seems like I just don’t have a clue how to attract it. Is your story on your blog?

        I’m in the middle of reading a story by Louise Troh about her love Erick Duncan who was the man who died of Ebola here in the US. Ironic, he was Liberian. I’m so glad she wrote the piece because so many dehumanized the man. The story is so full of pain. I believe she’s done him justice in the telling.

        As soon as I’m done with that read I’m headed to your blog to learn about you!

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      • I grew up in Sweden , Asia , south america and spent 8 years in the US .. first NYC then San francisco until I finally found my town ..Los angeles .New York is my mistress but L.A is my wife .,. we argue often and I´ve tried to leave her but deep inside we know we love eachother and we where destined to be together .. I´ve been to 37 countries in the world and have many homes .. but besides Paris and on good days singapore there is no city that loves me back as much as Los angeles .. Trust me you will travel … you will see the world .. Scotland is mighty ..but I would recommend Paris over everything in Europe .. The most stroll -friendly city in the world with beautiful buildings and scenery .. to have a croissant @ a local cafe or just to stop by by a wine bar ( they got it everywhere ) and sip a small glass of chardonnay and just watch people heading for their final destination is so inspirational it´s hard to describe in words .. I speak 5 languages cause I was always curious about languages .. how people express themselves , how they interact with eachother .. Money ? .. Yeah money controls the world and limit things .. but I think the biggest things is fear .. fear of success .. what if things works out and I can´t handle it ? .. I´m scared everyday ..but my fear of standing still in life and get sucked down into the black hole of “not feeling anything ” is bigger ..


      • Hmmm… I think I’ve “not felt anything” for so long that I’m comfortable here. But not so comfortable as to not feel the tug. I feel enslaved. I know you can tell by my writing. I love making jewelry simply because it’s creative and it pays the bills, but my heart is in art. BIG art! I want to sculpt and paint and make things beautiful and thought provoking all the time! I just don’t know how to make that happen.

        I lived in LA for a minute. I was poor of course, very young. I worked in a little clothing store on Melrose for a while. I’m still not sure what to think of my time there. I was with an abusive man at the time and I was bitter at the sight of such poverty right next to such opulence. It bothered me so much that when I came home to Tahoe I dreaded my hair and didn’t wear make up for a year in protest of commercialism! LOL!

        I have always admired Europe and Asia for their education of youth. Something is seriously broken in America with regard to that. We should be learning other languages from a very young age. I feel that it keeps the people from communicating with other real people from all over the world so that we only know what the schools and media tell us of those places and people.

        Paris is surly on the list! LOL! I want to go to Scotland because my father’s family is descended from there. There is a castle on the River Nith near the English boarder that my family built and I want to walk in it.

        I find it curious that you say LA loves you back. I feel such thick racial tension now days that you could cut it with a knife. Do you not get that in LA more than anywhere else in the world? Do you think it’s different for you being European than it is for Black people who were born here?

        I hope beyond hope that you are right about traveling. Such a strange thing to long for isn’t it? I want to just uproot my whole family and drag them to all corners of the world! How on earth could it be done?

        It’s so nice to meet yo Simon! You are an inspiration! I’m actually surprised after reading about who you are that you would take the time to talk to me. I hope we can talk again. I have to sleep now though. I have to be at the jewelry store early tomorrow. It’s been a pleasure!


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      • I know the feeling of not feeling anything ..the sense of drowning in nothingness ..There’s different paths out of it ..no simple roads at least for me ..but it was not until I’ve almost lost it all I’ve finally built the person I am today ..With scars but so much stronger …I’ve DM you on Fb .love and light ❤️ /LiberianME


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