Today I pushed you from me. 


For the second time in history.

In reality I can’t count how many times I’ve pushed you out.

But this time…

Oh this time it’s as sweet as it’s been bitter.

Cuz you’ll think of me too as time grows thicker.



WARNING! Kind of explicit, maybe a little TMI, but I gotta get things off my chest.

He wanted some tonight and I guessed I should give it to him. It is our 14th anniversary after all. God, it took a full three or four minutes just to get it in I was that unenthusiastic. I just lay there like a blow up doll with my face covered. Oh, and my saggy stretch marked belly too. It’s all I am really, all I feel like. A blow up doll and a paycheck, oh yea, and a pain in the ass. I can’t even pretend to feel anything anymore. I’m so utterly hopeless and lonely. Afterword I sat on the toilet quietly crying. He tossed me a towel. Eventually I got up and got into bed with my back to him. The sadness keept welling up and overflowing out my eyes. I tried to breathe as steady as possible so as not to sob. But it didn’t matter anyway. He fell asleep quickly. Completely oblivious. I wonder if I’ll ever feel the fire of love again?

Love Songs

So many love songs.

I hear them line by loving line.

from across the whole world they are keeping time.

Why can’t just one be mine?

Oh God I’m running out of time!

I sound so bitter, but I promise I’m sweet

Only scared I won’t be pretty

by the time we meet.

I don’t need money nor do I need fame.

I just want someone to feel butterflies

at the sound of my name.

I live with someone,

but I’m all alone.

Begging for a love song,

but his heart is stone.

He’d have me believe that all men are this way,

that I don’t deserve one anyway.

But I know that’s not true!

I hear them singing! I DO!

Men know how to love, I just know they do!

Why doesn’t mine? What did I do?

I just want a love song.

One that’s true.